+   Extended warranty

+  Check of content/keys

+  Check of alarmsignal

+  Check of access

+  Protocoll

Services / Maintance

Through our service agreement, your KeyLinkRescueBox are guaranteed an annual inspection and extended warranty on all parts and components. This at a fixed price.

Through physical site visit, we check the KeyLinkRescueBox accessibility, its content and alarm connection. This is registered and notified to the Fire Rescue Services at the same time as you get your protocol regarding checked points, status and possible actions.

You will receive an offer for this the year after your KeyLinkRescueBox is delivered.

If you want to order this already upon delivery, you are also welcome.

Even a top quality product need maintaince and care to fullfill it functions for decades to come.

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Services / ORCA

At the service occasion, we will photograph your KeyLinkRescueBox if we do not have photos previously. One reason is to document the installation, this in order to assist you in the future but also to document the location.

In districts where we have agreement with the Fire Rescue Service to supply ORCA responding cards (ObjectRiskCoordinatesAccess) the photos will be used to guide the Fire Rescue Services to the right spot for there initial responding.

The ORCA card shows how to find your object, tells how to access your building/premises, type of property/construction, user/business, most valuable area/inventory, technically installations and if there are any hazmat.

ORCA cards are not to be mistaken for the ”Action plans” kept at sight. ORCA cards gives initial information to reduce the responding time.

In the areas where we have an agreement with the Fire Rescue Service for ORCA cards,

you should have been informed how to update your information on our web-page.

If you want to ensure that the Fire Rescue Service has accurate information about your property/business, even if it is in a district where we do not have a general agreement with the Fire Rescue Service, we can offer individual agreement for your property.

If you wish to use the document in your own documentation, please notify us. You can use the "Customer Update" form below and we will contact you.

Services / Custom update


We ask you to keep us updated regarding vital information.

This refers to service and our reports to the Fire Rescue Services.

In order to make it easier, for you as our customer, as well as for the Fire Rescue Services, we have created a platform for unified update and reporting.

The information you submit to us through the platform, will be forwarded,

where applicable, to your local Fire Rescue Services.

If you wish to use the ORCA document in your own documentation, you can,

as our customer buy this from us at a reduced price.

(Read more about this under ”Services".)

Owner liability

The owner/user is responsible for reporting relevant information to us.

Information requested in the form also complies with the information that is initially important and vital to the Fire Rescue Service when responding to your fire alarm.