Why using the KeyLinkRescueBox?

Keeping the keys to the premises at sight means that the responding team can use the keys and enter the building without

waiting for a key holder or without carrying around a lot of keys. Or for that matter go and get them from a station or a remote caisson.

In case of a fire, the Fire Rescue Services can of course, with brutal force open a door or brake a window to access.

This takes valuable time in a critical phase since a fire, initiallly double itself every minute.

At the same time, the personal are exposed for unnecessery hazards and the building will have even more damages.

When the entrance have been forced, there is a high risk that there will be even more doors/gates to be forced...

Most alarms are false. At those occasions there was no need for responding and curtainly not for braking the door.

This is a major problem since the building will be left behind with a broken door/window even if everybody are happy that

it was just another a false alarm. The Fire Rescue Services can not close a broken door or window and a craftsman

will be needed to reapair the building. A guard will be needed to protect the property against further damages, while waiting for a craftsman.

This chain of activity will cost a lot of money, and may most likely not be covered by the insurance company.

Nor will the Fire Rescue Services cover your costs.

Why not keeping all the keys to all properties in the fire truck?

It is a huge amount of keys, cards and tags needed for the Fire Rescue Services to cover all properties.

This is not possible to keep in the fire truck.

Why is it not not a good idea to keep all the keys at the station?

Someone always need to pick-up those keys. Responding to alarms happens often when the responding teams are away

from the station. The responding team can be ordered to respond directly from another fire or accident or from an exercise scene.

In bigger cities where the number of personal is high, another vehicle must be called out to bring the keys to the address.

Smaller cities, with reduced number of units, must send one unit to go back to the station and pick-up the keys.

This will mean that the fire will spread while waiting and the first responding team will  be understaffed.

Many times they have to wait, of safety reasons, to enter the building until the unit is complete.

Who will have access to the KeyLinkRescueBox?

The Fire Rescue Services only.

Just to ensure that the keys still are in the KeyLinkRescueBox when the Fire Rescue Services will need them.

After the KeyLinkRescueBox has been installed, the locking mechanism will be mechanically changed to fit the unique key,

used by the local Fire Rescue Services.

Can the Fire Rescue Services use the key whenever?

The KeyLinkRescueBox is connected to the alarm-system. Even when opened with the key-this will trigger the alarm.

In your instruction to the alarm central, you should mark that you should be notified if the KeyLinkRescueBox is opened.

Only the most necessarily keys to access your property are kept inside the KeyLinkRescueBox.

How to Order?

We  kindly ask you to use our order order-form to ensure correct address et.c.

You will always receive a written order-confirmation.


We will do our best to deliver very order within 10 working days.

Alarm connection

When your KeyLinkRescueBox is mounted in the wall you should connect it to the alarm-system.

Instructions are attached upon delivery.


You should arrange a copy of your keys/tags and have thoose available when your KeyLinkResqueBox are ready to be taken in use.

Ready to use

When your KeyLinkRescueBox is ready to use, you report this by the formula, attached with packing list in delivery, or directly on

our web formula.

Operation mode

The Fire Rescue Services will

- check the alarm

- set the lock to there key

- place your keys inside the KeyLinkRescueBox

- sign a dated protocol together with you