PRODUCTS / Keystorage and handling


One of our most popular product is the KeyLinkResqueBox.

In use in over 400 cities in Sweden and Norway.

Ensure access for Fire Resque Services.

No need to wait for a keyholder - the keys are at sight - where they are needed - when they are needed.

Certified by SP

Service and maintance at fixed price.

Product code.: 01-01-003

Perimeter- / SafetyBox

Easy installation. Can be maounted on any flat surface or recessed in the wall.

Flexible for use of standard cylinders from, KABA, ASSA, Anchor a.o..

Useful for

Gate access.

Shop access inside shopping centers/outlets.

Private facilities.



Product code.: 20-02-001

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Double padlock bridge.

Enable two user with different padlocks to access the same area.

FireResqueServices use their padlock (system) in one end of the bridge. The owner use his padlock in the other end.

Fits padlock Grade 2 (6mm) to Grade 4 (10mm)

Product no.: 17-01-002

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KeyPer doorhandle

Patent doorhandles includes hidden storage for keys.

Used by homecare, security companies a.o..

Easy installation.

No damage on buildings or doors.

Does not affect or damage the door.

Simple to reuse on the next object.

Product no.: 21-01-001

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